Vacation Deadlines & Resources

I hope you all enjoy Fall Break, but there is some work you need to accomplish before you return next Monday.  Please find all expectations and deadlines below

-Personal Battle Flags- due Monday, October 3rd.  Use this link to choose the colors of your flag carefully.  Your flag should be the proportions of an actual flag and should be completed in a careful and creative manner.  This means sloppy and hastily done work will NOT receive a passing grade.

-Read the next quarter of your parallel reading book.  You should be able to speak and write intelligently about the subject of your book by Monday.

-The Unit 2 test will be given Friday, October 7th.  Please review all class notes and the Revolutionary War Quizlet games (below) to study.

Have a great Fall Break and see you Monday!!!

Week 8: September 19th-23rd

What are we learning this week?

-This week we will continue our study of unit: American Rationalism.  We will be starting by examining the essential components of argumentation and how they apply to primary American documents such as The Declaration of Independence and Patrick Henry’s “Speech in the Virginia Convention.”

-We will complete our last unit of study by completing the last rhetorical analysis essay based on a letter from Abigail Adams to her son, John Quincy Adams.

-We will do an image analysis by looking at several Revolutionary War battle flags and researching their rich history.

-You will be designing your own Bill of Rights and accompanying flag

How will we learn it?

-We will be doing Cornell-style notes on the principles of argumentation.  Examples from speeches made during the Second Continental Congress will be used as primary documents and historical examples.

-You will be doing a timed 40 minute practice rhetorical analysis.  In addition to the primary document you will also be allowed to consult hard copies of tone words, SAT vocabulary, rhetorical devices, and sophisticated transitions.

-You will be using the department computer lab to research the history behind the choice of seven Revolutionary War flags.  You will be presenting these findings to the rest of the class.

-You will annotate and discuss the principles of argumentation found in The Declaration of Independence and “Speech in the Virgina Convention

-You will spend the rest of the week designing your personal flag and writing your own Student Bill of Rights.

How am I being assessed?

-rhetorical analysis practice essay (formative)

-Revolutionary War flag analysis (formative)

-Personal flag and Bill of Rights (formative)

Week 7: September 12th-17th

What are we learning this week?

-This week we will continue our unit of study on the colonial era and the literature of the rationalists.  Our entrance to this is to look at the public figures of John, Abigail, and John Quincy Adams

-We will explore the characteristics of colonial literature by looking at the founding documents of America

-We will conclude our AP unit on rhetorical analysis composition, while simultaneously looking at primary historical documents.

-We will begin studying principles of argumentation by looking at the image design behind Revolutionary flags

How will we learn this?

-We will continue viewing, discussing, and analyzing the HBO mini-series John Adams. We will only watch episodes 1-3 for our purposes in this unit, but may return to the remainder near Thanksgiving break.

– We will be using the course textbook to read and respond to popcorn readings of excerpts of The Declaration or Independence, The Constitution of the United States, and “Speech in the Virgina Convention”

-You will be writing your last practice rhetorical analysis essay.  The source material for this was taken from the 2014 AP Language exam and is a letter from Abigail Adams to her son, John Quincy Adams while he carried out diplomatic duties with his father in France.

-We will be beginning the revolutionary flag design project that will be due at the conclusion of Fall Break

How am I being assessed?

-“Join or Die!” quiz (formative)

-Digital COACH lesson 3 (formative)

-AP multiple choice practice (formative)

-Reading comprehension exercises from Literature (formative)

-Rhetorical analysis essay #3 (summative)

-Revolutionary flag design project (summative)

Week 6: September 5th-9th

It is going to be a short week with the Labor Day weekend, but we have a lot (two words) to accomplish.

What are we learning this week?

You’ll be starting a new unit this week on the Rational Era.  As this era has the Revolutionary War and associated literature as its focus we will be looking at many historical documents, including revolutionary speeches and flag designs, through the prism of the people who shaped our country.

-First we will continue our AP exam test prep by writing the second rhetorical analysis essay.  Tuesday you will be turning in the 500 word passage you chose from your parallel reading book.  You’ll be given forty minutes to complete your essay on your blog.

-We’ll begin the unit on Rationalism by looking closer at the legacy of John, Abigail, and John Quincy Adams.

-Finally, you will write your last rhetorical analysis essay based on a letter from Abigail Adams to her son, John Quincy Adams.  This was the actual rhetorical analysis essay question from the 2014 AP Language exam.

How are we learning it?

-You’ll be using the chosen passage from your parallel reading book as your source text for the rhetorical analysis essay you will be writing Tuesday.  As these will be posted to your blog, you will receive digital feedback on this assignment.  Feedback will be provided from the actual rubric AP readers use to grade your exam essays.  Remember to bring re-written essays to any tutoring session next week if you need to remediate these learning standards.

-You will be annotating and discussing the article on John Adams from The American Presidents by David C. Whitney

-We’ll be discussing the Adams family “by the numbers” with a note-taking session.

-We’ll be looking at the first episode from the HBO mini-series John Adams entitled “Join or Die”

-You’ll finish the week by participating in a Socratic Seminar on “Join or Die.”

How am I being assessed?

-second rhetorical analysis essay practice (formative)

-John Adams article annotation (formative)

-“Join or Die” quiz (formative)

-“Join or Die” Socratic Seminar (formative)