Final and AP Exam Resources

  • Your final exam will best approximate the multiple choice section of the AP English Language & Composition exam.  Please use the resources below to prepare for the exam.  Additionally, these resources include additional material to prepare for the actual AP exam in May.
  1. Click here for the College Board AP English Language Course Description.  Pages 47-64 have sample multiple choice questions, as well as answers and explanations.
  2. While studying consider your incorrect answers, consult the explanation, and note the rationale for the correct answer
  3. Try to time your responses.  You will have 90 minutes to answer roughly 50 multiple choice questions.


  • Looking for ideas for your holiday wishlist?  This is the best peer-reviewed resource former students swear by.

  • Remember to keep an eye out for Remind notifications from me in the second semester.  Four two-part panels will be scheduled and announced for seminars on the free response questions.  I will also be using Remind to announce the date for the second semester mock test dates.
  • Be sure to review all the information about the exam at AP Central

Week 18: December 19th-22nd


What am I learning this week?

-This week finds us at the end of the course.  I wish you all the best of luck and hope to hear from some of you next year as you begin your college application process.

-We only have two instructional days before final exams begin, but I would like to take these days to look back at our time together.  I have an on-board annotation activity that will accomplish this.

-Obviously, there will not be any in-class instruction this week, as you take your final exams. Good luck, and Happy Holidays!!!

How am I learning this?

-You will be taking your final exam during the time posted on the front board.

How am I being assessed?

-Your cumulative final exam for the course is a practice AP exam.  You will be completing the multiple choice selections and completing a choice of argument essays for the extended response.  This is a summative assessment.

Week 17: December 12th-16th

What am I learning this week?

-This week we will engage in wrap up activities for the course.  I will be providing you with a study guide packet, and we will engage in review activities in order to prepare for the end of this course.

-You will also be writing Exit Letters and we will meet individually for our last desk-side conference, as well as your placement in an English class next year.

-We will be discussing the main characteristics of post-modernism.  The movie “Moonrise Kingdom” will serve as an exemplar text for this.

-We will be discussing the summer reading assignment you will be completing for your next English class.  If time remains in the week you can bring this text in and I will clarify what you need to do with it.

How am I learning this?

-We will use the final exam review packet as our guide for final exam prep this week.  As this material is from the College Board, and meant to prepare you for the AP exam, all students will engage in this material.

-You will use my outline to write an Exit Letter and semester reflection for this course.

-We will take notes on, and discuss, the characteristics of post-modernism, also called the Contemporary Era.  As a class we will begin viewing and discussing “Moonrise Kingdom” to illustrate these characteristics.

-I will be providing you with a handout so we can discuss summer reading assignments for next year.

How am I being assessed?

final exam review activities (summative)

-Exit Letter (summative)




Week 16: December 5th-9th

What am I learning this week?

-This week we will be concluding activities in preparation for the AP exam on May 11th.  Specifically, we will be completing the second practice synthesis essay, register for the AP exam, and revisit some multiple choice activities.

-We will also be working on the creative final projects for your parallel reading book, as well as the final assessment on Destiny of the Republic.

-We will also be discussing the main principles and characteristics of American Modernism.  Our source text for this will In Cold Blood as well as the 1976 movie version of The Great Gatsby.

-We will prepare for the synthesis essay by looking at nonfiction from Gertrude Stein and the visual art of Jackson Pollock.

How am I learning this?

-In the middle of the week I will be at a Humanities in Practice training session in Kennesaw.  While I am away Mrs. Pothel will be in to discuss multiple choice strategies and get you registered for any of your AP exams.

-You will be given a couple of class sessions to work on the creative summative assessment for your parallel reading book.  These projects will be due at the end of the week.

-We will be reading and discussing excerpts from an essay by Gertrude Stein, A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway, and analyzing a painting by Jackson Pollock.  Notes taken from these sources will be used for the timed synthesis essay.

-Finally, we will end the week with a guided viewing and discussion of the 1976 movie version of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

How am I being assessed?

Multiple choice practice (formative)

Timed synthesis essay (summative)

Graphic organizer for The Great Gatsby (formative)