Week 14: April 17th-21st

What am I learning this week?

-Due to the social studies field trip, and the number of absences it looks like we will be having Monday, you will be working on independent reading/study material for AP, SATs, ACTs, and final exams.

-This week our primary focus will be on preparing for the EOC.  We will start by writing the extended response provided by the Milestones Study Guide.  This essay will be peer graded and deconstructed afterwards to emphasize the proper organization, content, and structure of this EOC response.

-The last type of EOC essay to prepare for is the extended constructed response.  We will be discussing the prompt provided in the EOC Milestones Study Guide, the grading rubric for this task, and a student exemplar before writing.  Again, peer grading with the rubric will be used afterwards to summarize this task.

-I will be introducing the Gatsby Setting Map project for the latter half of this week.  Students will gather material for this project, and execute partial completion of it by the end of the week.

-We will end the week with a reading quiz on chapters 5-7 of The Great Gatsby

How am I learning this?

-In order to complete the extended response practice essay, students will write under actual EOC timed writing test conditions for this task.  Completed essays and the writing rubric will be used in small collaborative peer grading groups to gauge readiness for this task.

-As part of the debrief on the extended response task, students will take notes on the structure and organization of this type of essay.  AP argument essay notes will be distributed as well.

-A similar set of procedures will repeat for the final practice essay for the EOC.  However, in addition to the writing prompt and rubric, students will also be provided with the student exemplar provided in the Milestones Study Guide.

-Students will receive the handout for the Gatsby Setting Map project.  Students will brainstorm a list of needed materials and begin completion of the project for the rest of the week.

-Students will take the brief reading quiz for chapter 5-7 of The Great Gatsby

How am I being assessed?

-Extended response practice essay (formative)

-Constructed-extended response essay (formative)

-Partial completion of the Gatsby Setting Map project (formative)

The Great Gatsby chapters 5-7 reading quiz (formative)


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