Week 15: April 24th-28th

What am I learning this week?

-This week is somewhat shortened due to the changing of the chairs ceremony at the end of the week.  However, seeing as the EOC will be approaching fast, we have a few test prep items to complete.


-This week we will begin prepping for and discussing the mock trial we will adjudicate after the EOC.  Students will use class time to review the Hazing/Manslaughter case, defining roles within the exercise, and drafting opening statements and testimony.

-We will also begin watching two episodes from Making of a Murderer to discuss legal procedure in criminal cases.

-Before Friday we will also be writing, and peer grading, the constructed response from the Milestones study guide.

How am I learning this?

-As stated, we will begin work on the Hazing/Manslaughter case this week.  Lead counsel for both sides will receive all these files to review with the team, define roles, and begin prepping witnesses.

-Using Cornell-style notes, students will identify the correct procedure in criminal cases as we look at episode one and ten of Making of a Murderer

-Students will use the synthesis sources to complete the constructive response.  Students will also receive the seven-point rubric and a student exemplar to complete peer grading on this task.

How am I being assessed?


-Legal notes and witness testimony (formative)

-EOC test preparation- constructed response (formative)


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