Week 16: May 1st-May 5th

What am I learning this week?

-The first three days of this week will be spent taking the EOC.  You will directly report to the indicated testing location posted outside my classroom door all three days.

-I will be proctoring the APUSH exam Friday, so you will spend the remainder of the week working in collaborative teams to prep for the mock trial.

How am I learning this?

-The EOC is an online test.  Please come to the testing location prepared by powering off and stowing ALL electronic devices.

-You will be working in small collaborative teams to create an opening statement and direct testimony questions and answers.

How am I being assessed?

-Just a reminder that the EOC is 20% of your final grade and a Georgia State Graduation Requirement.  It is a summative assessment.

-Opening statement and direct testimony Q & A (formative)